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Special Edition Whale Card™

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Membership Starting at  $1M USD
Limited to 100 Global Members

The Whale Card by bitcoinblack is  the world's heaviest VISA® card  and the first  classified as a piece of  jewelry. The card which  is made of rhodium is encrusted  with  the world's best diamonds.


The card is an NFT-based membership which makes it an asset, where members can later sell their membership if they choose.


Membership for the Whale Card program  is exclusively reserved for the world's wealthiest and elite and a minimum net worth  of $100M is required for consideration.

Inaugural Members Also Receive

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blockchain verified authentication for VIP access and member privileges. bitcoinblack NFT Whale Membership can be sold.

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Weismann EV Roadster

bitcoinblack edition

exclusive allocation

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Flight Credits

bitcoinblack Boeing Business Jet

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Exclusive Investment


Whale Fund

bitcoinblack Hedge Fund